Winning Against the Cell Phone Algorithm in the Classroom Course

One of the biggest challenges for educators during the past 4 years concerning The Classroom Experience has been the struggle with the constant nonacademic student usage of the cell phone in the classroom. It has caused arguments between teachers and students. It has caused disruptions which yield loss of focus and missed learning opportunities. It has made educators feel like babysitters who can't do their job effectively. The biggest concern of all has been the disconnection between the teacher and the student. Education is a two-way street; it involves both parties. This course will provide ways to help educators beat the cell phone 'algorithm' in some capacity to bring back that authentic and effective classroom learning experience.

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Meet the Instructor

Darrian Tanner is a high school educator in the state of Florida. This upcoming school year marks her 14th year of classroom teaching and 5th year as an Instructional Mentor. Darrian has written several books which includes Teacher Authority in the Classroom and The TV Broke My Paintbrush. It is her passion to help students and educators enjoy The Classroom Experience.